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2024 Detroit St. Patrick’s Parade Award Winners

Parade Theme
 Corktown, the Heart of Irish Detroit


Floats:  Parade Theme   

  • 1st Place:      The Sullivan Clan
  • 2nd Place:   Corktown Community Float
  • 3rd Place:   Murphy’s Irish Cottage

Marching Bands:  Playing Irish Music

  • 1st Place:    Oak Park High School Marching Band
  • 2nd Place:  River Rouge High School Marching Band
  • 3rd Place:  Wyandotte Marching Chiefs

Marching Units:  

  • 1st Place:     Sons of the Auld Sod
  • 2nd Place:  O’Kennedy-Holland Irish Dance Academy
  • 3rd Place:  Shannon Irish Dance Academy

Novelty Groups:  

  • 1st Place:    The Great Lakes Ghostbuster Coalition
  • 2nd Place:  Eribeth’s Renaissance Invader’s
  • 3rd Place:   Detroit City Football Club & Supporters

Pipe Bands: 

  • 1st Place:     Metro Detroit Police & Fire Pipes & Drums
  • 2nd Place:  The Windsor Police Pipe Band
  • 3rd Place:   Celtic Pipes and Drums


St. Patrick’s Parade Judges
March 10, 2024

John Healy
Deputy Mayor, Cork County Ireland

Michael Brown
Judge, 1st District Court Monroe County

Anne McCarthy
Judge, Wayne County Circuit Court

Breeda Kelly Miller
Playwright, Actor & Author; Cup & Saucer Productions