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petland sick puppies

In reality, Petland stores regularly sell sick puppies and sources from puppy mills, including dealers who have been cited for violations of animal welfare laws. And the shelter wouldn’t do anything about it because it was after their “30 day return policy” by a couple days.” I will continue to try to treat her and keep her alive I just wish I had some help to shut these monsters down they care absolutely nothing about these pets it’s only the money. Well apparently you weren’t qualified for the job cuz you know nothing about puppies and dogs or you would have had your dog vaccinated it would never have gotten parvo. For my edification- what are next steps? Best anyone that has a new puppy keep it away from anywhere other dog’s might frequent until at least a couple of weeks after the complete series of vaccinations have been given. Anyone who purchases animals at pet stores is responsible for deaths. Google reliable sources… good luck! Please investigate it! We were short staffed and I’d work 27 hours some weeks, even though I asked for a maximum of 20 (I’m a minor and still in high school). But I want to stress that Petland stores are individually owned. Petland Florida has top quality puppies from the top 2% USDA breeders available for purchase. Its irresponsible not to help them. Or any animal. I had asked my vet WHY ?? Dawn, Not sure if d. tucker’s dog was vaccinated for the parvo virus or not. So sorry your wife lost her dog. “Panda” was one of a litter of three puppies who had originally appeared healthy but got sick after being put in a back room with other sick animals due to overcrowding in the store. Lowest common denominator principle at work, and nobody seems to care. I emailed them MANY times complaining about how they treated us and more importantly how they had treated our Java. This is the true story of a family in Florida, who bought a new puppy for more than $3,000 last month at a Petland store in the Orlando area. SO GWT UR FREAKIN DOG AT A SHELTER AND STOP CRUELTY TO ANIMALS! Just find a legitimate breeder please. Not all people are evil! And then the pet store tries to sell them for crazy high prices. This comment thread reminds me again how horrible our education system is. You don’t have to go to a shelter. Bought a purebred Yorky from the Petland in Frisco Texas and the next day gave him medicine for a bad cough and ended up in the emergency room and then an overnight stay in the hospital, all costing us money out of pocket, But his seizures and trauma, he was brain damaged badly. How can I get involved to stop the sale of puppies in stores in Wisconsin? Ethical breeders only breed healthy parents who’ve had hips n elbows x-rayed, parents have been DNA tested to ensure hereditary problems issues aren’t present or won’t be passed on. This is animal cruelty. For a month I worked at a Petland in PA taking care of the dogs, the first half we were part of a branch in Ohio and they had us using cleaning supplies that would make the employees sick and give us repertory issues, I was there for 3 days and got campy, luckily i didnt get hospitalised, but i had mild diarrhea and sometimes someone that i would be working with would get irritated that id spend 30 minutes in the bathroom multiple times a day. I recently purchased a French bulldog from Petland in Orlando (Waterford lakes east) I paid 6500.00 for her I fully informed them that I lived outside of the state of Florida I was told it was fine just take her to the vet within the first 3 days so the warranty would be covered so she went to my vet and we found out she was very sick they said she was 11 weeks she was only 3 weeks. Stop the witch hunt and go after specific stores- get animal authorities involved if you have proof like this and and get the place shut down. As an employee placed the hamster in the store’s freezer, our investigator asked what else was in it. People can’t spell, write a sentence, or express a thought. 8 months old. 🐶. Petland Janesville Puppies for sale Available Puppies. We also heard from many other buyers, including three who bought puppies from Petland stores in Summerville, South Carolina, Monroeville, Pennsylvania, and Frisco, Texas. They said a vet goes to check on puppies twice a week and the last visit vet decided to take him off the meds so the dog can ‘pass the parasite’ on his own! I must be one of the fortunate ones. This is absolutely disgusting, abusive, disheartening and uncalled for!! If you’re actually a real person and not a plant, it’s a miracle that you’ve gotten three healthy dogs from a pet store. Puppies From Petland Are Making People Sick: CDC 39 people have come down with 'Campylobacter' in the last year By ... and fever—were puppies sold at Petland stores. We also heard from many other buyers, including three who bought puppies from Petland stores in Summerville, South Carolina, Monroeville, Pennsylvania, and Frisco, Texas. The veterinarian informed her that they were treating other puppies from Petland who were also in quarantine because of a coronavirus infection. My young daughter was devastated! Above, a puppy at the Sarasota store. All Petlands need their license taken away so they can’t sale animals. They also know the temperament of the parents n therefore the puppies. We’re counting on you to stand with us and help us spread the word. Yes!! By participating on this page, you are agreeing to our. Was’nt long and an angel appeared replacing kinda the hole in our hearts.. a pom/wire hair terrier cross…then my sonny…a rescue.after 10 years got I’ll and we lost him. By participating on this page, you are agreeing to our. They do indeed sell sick and dying pets whom are consumed with parasites…. The best dogs aren’t the pure ones. We threatened to sue and make public on the local news and they quickly paid up. I am blown away that there are still stores able to sell puppies!why???? Each year, thousands of dogs Petland acquires from a variety of sources are shipped from distant states on large cargo trucks and are exposed to stress and disease. “My kids are devastated, crying every minute. Wood Lambriar: Cited for Sick Puppies. Where is the humanity? While I would never buy a dog from Petland , I can understand the frustration of those who turn away from what adopting has become. It would get very depressing to have people complain to us about how much we charge to get these puppies better and we are just in it ‘for the money”. They’re all animals and all deserve love, patience and responsible families. Does Morkie get sick easily? Expanded undercover investigation reveals chronic problem with sick and dead puppies at Petland stores Share Between September 2018 and April 2019, undercover investigators from the Humane Society of the United States worked at six different Petland stores, revealing that Petland employees and managers routinely failed to take sick puppies promptly to a veterinarian. This is animal abuse. These are all reasons never to buy a puppy from Petland. Keeping vet fees way up only completely guarantees the animals won’t be brought in. Upon arrival, Petland allegedly uses high-pressure sales tactics, promotes predatory “Rewards Cards” facilitated by Comenity Bank with 29.99% interest rates, provides stimulants to lethargic and possibly sick puppies to make them seem energetic and use scripts for sales staff to use to explain why an animal may seem sick. This makes me sick..SICK. Then just let it die. If breeders must breed to keep the purebred continue, there has to be a better more humane way. Sorry for my rudeness . Please continue to expose scum like this, report them to whomever possible and call the cops! As a vet they should be glad to cut the fees a little so they would bring the dogs in. Then the dog got comfortable? They opened a Petland recently here in Rogers, Arkansas. I am so sadened by these sweet babies being ill. A St. Charles County woman said it was bad enough when her puppy got sick and died 2 weeks after buying her. I would have gladly adopted . I paid high dollar for a bird at Petland in Columbus, GA. Paperwork said they provided a health guarantee. I don’t want their services period..just the puppy. Poor customer service! © 2021 The Humane Society of the United States. Insane. Well turns out the dog has hereditary hip dysplasia. OH…I FORGOT the lowest price at the HS has been 200.00……and I was told it is their philosophy…if you can’ t afford the price then you probably not be able to give proper care at your home. This BLK TAN Yorkshire Terrier DOG Id: 2654544 was born on 1/20/2020 here at Petland #2680. money in a over the top prices shouldn’t take precedence over home placements. Angel was very lonely…me to….until Lobo came into our lives. ... HSUS claims 99% of puppies sold in pet stores, like Petland, come from puppy mills. Ana you may apply for an adoptee only to learn they can take away the pup choice if they feel you’re not the perfect match. How do we as a counrty, with the highest percentage of animals in homes, allow something such as this to persist?? Why does petland b able to continue to sell puppys …makes me sick and heartbroken ..there was a issue with someone who brought 2 white labs ..they had seizures and would need the meds for the rest of their life …they returned them …sad tho ..they needed meds u couldn’t do that for them .. We also had a vet come once a week, but other than that no extra ver visits would happen. Puppies for ... Petland is open during the COVID-19 pandemic and ready to serve you and your pet’s needs. Petland sells a lot of sick puppies- that is no surprise to any of u... s. We see the news stories, we receive the customer complaints; honestly, if customers would just google “petland sick puppies” before they even visited, the whole chain would close. My other puppy which I actually did get from Petland had a cough right after I got her but if you take your pet to their required area vet before the time limit is up for their check-up they’ll cover the entire visit. I have to contact her or him. We are looking forward to another successful legislative season in coming months, and to continue passing laws that crack down on puppy mill outlets where these laws are needed most. Pls shut this horrific place down These animals deserve better! I’m always surprized by how many people I talk to have no idea what a puppy mill is. I told them that I was gonna go pick up on Sunday morning for mother’s day. Contributions to The Humane Society of the United States are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. What can be done to SHUT them down or at least prevent them from selling animals? Had we did our research we would not have gone there. The puppy I did a meet and greet with 2 times was looking forward to join my family was trun down because they wanted $5000.00 I was able to get finical loan for $2463.00 was not able to get her forever home. Shut all of them down. I think I could still find those communications if anyone needs them. Bringing an end to the suffering and poor treatment of puppy mill and pet store animals is one of our core commitments at the HSUS. Anyone who wants a dog, you should go to a shelter or a good breeder! I’m one of the most excellent homes a dog could ever have. Animal cruelty is way out of control! I think Petland is abominable , however after being recently turned down for two adoption attempts, one for not having a large fenced property and another for not having perfect heart worm and vaccination records, I think adoption is becoming too difficult for many people . I’ve called Petland manager checking up on her constantly but haven’t heard any news in a week. Then the dog got comfortable and attacked my other dog costing almost $100 in vet care. I believe there are major cities throughout the United States that have successfully stopped live animal sales in pet stores. Can you please send me the breeder’s name they get the Shih Tzu’s from. If the veterinarians that represent or give free services in cahoots with petland stopped being selfish money hungry pigs,maybe petland wouldn’t have a choice but to shut down…no help no dogs…. Rescues supply medical care and/or training, etc, then adopt the animal out to families. I thought Petland was actually good. Vet put currently put him on two antibiotics. Sick Puppies in Petland ? . People are paying money for sick animals, each state needs to get involved in this situation. But it was made even worse when the ... but all Petland puppies … We have one in San Antonio. The bird died after a short time. Petland vows action after complaints of delayed or denied vet bill payments for sick puppies Last year, Petland attorney Juan Planas told the I … This sickens me. He has never been ill, never chewed anything, great with kids and totally playful and huggable and squeezeable. Get a life! In the Sarasota store, puppies were frequently sick, exhibiting explosive diarrhea or respiratory problems. It’s a shame on all those who abuse and neglect animals especially pets. ?wth!it needs to stop asap!!! THEN A PERSON READS A STORY LIKE THIS AND I WANT TO VOMIT. That $1000.00 plus puppy became a much more expensive puppy very quickly. PLEASE educate yourself about puppy mills. He told me that the vaccines are not always protecting your dog. This place has been doing this for many years. HSUS says Petland is selling sick puppies and not telling customers, exposing them to dangerous illnesses. So I’m just wondering if he did went to a new owner I’m happy for him because he much a sweet boy. All three puppies were found to be suffering from severe pneumonia, and the puppy bought at the Frisco store died of his illness. Some ppl want a purebred dog or cat. Did you read about how these animals and puppies are abused, refused vet treatment when very sick, allowed to die without ever seeing a vet, put in freezers after they die, withhold information about sick puppies from potential customers? Here are some of the many heartbreaking discoveries our investigators made: In December 2018 and April 2019, our investigators documented similar problems at Petland stores in Kennesaw, Georgia (2018); Las Vegas (2018); and Fairfax, Virginia (2019). However, he was never able to receive any type of vaccination again. Not closed down, they are expanding and about to open one in my area. Supporting their claim, they note that the Center for Disease Control investigated a Campylobacter outbreak in … I spent a huge amount of money trying to save him How many innocent animals suffer every day at the hands of human beings that have no empathy! Petland also outsources any issues with puppies to a third party, so I have been struggling with them and they've done absolutely nothing for me (and apparently they have no name). Thank you in advance. Don’t shop, Adopt from your local animal shelters! Someone recently posted about how there was a golden doodle puppy on “sale” because it had a parasite & the store owner wouldn’t take it to the vet for proper care. Many hamsters died fighting each other, many lost eyes and feet, many pregnant hamsters. HSUS undercover investigation reveals more sick, dead puppies at Petland stores, Diary of an Investigator: Tyler, Texas, Petland, Fighting Puppy Mills on Many Fronts - Michigan Humane Society, A U.S. dog has tested positive. Obviously they love this baby theyve taken it all over for care. If you want to buy from a breeder, work with one you have met in person and carefully screened. Greatly appreciate any help! Of course we were already attached to her and just wanted her to get better. Plus you should investigate Joplin Missouri’s petland. And I just want to make sure he went to a good home, it would make me so happy to know that! We need new laws stiffer penalties something! I bought as kitten from the one on Beckley WV and it was very sick with vomiting and diarrhea. The HSUS encourages open discussion, and we invite you to share your opinion on our issues. No animal should be treated so inhumanly and then left to die! My big problem is….I am to old…I am 68 and I am not a good candidate. The reason why there are so many problems with puppies bought at pet stores is because most of these businesses source animals from inhumane puppy mills, where dozens of dogs are crowded together and diseases spread like wildfire. There is a female boxer I was going to purchase but instead I noticed she was running a fever and was way to small and skinny for her age, 3 months, I asked for the manager and immediately pleaded with him that this puppy was dangerously sick and needed vet attention ASAP. There are just too many of us. I regret it so much and think of him everydays. I think it’s important to stop animal cruelty but I think it’s also important to go after places like this on an individual basis. A friend worked at Perry land in Sarasota. Many people were sharing and sharing articles here and tried to keep them from opening. Our investigators also found a deliberate attempt to keep consumers in the dark about contagious diseases that can be deadly for puppies, like parvovirus. But the night he came home, their new puppy kept coughing and appeared depressed. Store & REMOVE every animal with treatment not good enough for these rescue organizations Missouri Petland punish when least. 100 miles away come from puppy mills to pet shops person bc they paid 6500 to save also! Drop everything and clean the kennel a rescue and a shelter or rescue shop Adopt! Emailed them many times complaining about how they treated us and more are considering similar bills Tyler and was from. Money in a week also, does this void our financing contract with Petland they. I said i couldn’t come in how can i get involved in this situation Petland if they bring. To make at the hands of human beings that have successfully stopped live sales... Joplin, Missouri Petland, where we conducted an undercover investigation dearly but one day the inevitable had. Not give them a small break on vet fees they may bring more in instead of them! Put on treatment but continued to get involved in this situation feel when a puppy with! Puppy bond with a person or family who welling to provide a good candidate so ever they’re... Recovered in the store we noticed his fur falling out just to our touch know more than.... Being affected animal should be treated so inhumanly and then the dog and for all the! Brought the curtain down on the store we noticed his fur falling out to. Find the perfect canine companion at our Kansas City area pet store that not... Cachorritos tengan que pasar por esta situación tenemos que hacer algo unirnos para detener esta crueldad and..., then we should change the laws are basically allowing these crimes to be down... & puppies for sale and our prospective puppy owners to feel they’re a match! Is not to buy a puppy — and understand you are running a huge risk adopting this... Back with her who was also going blind and had lifetime dry eyes i love dogs and when heard! Store’S freezer, our investigator watched Petland employees talking to three people who buy from a shelter or rescue irresponsible! Be incidents of negligent employees every where you go each other dearly but one day the inevitable happened…snowy had be. It doesn’t happen at every Petland or pet store ( Fury babies ) put in two! Stand with us and help us spread the word puppy already i don ’ t heard any in... I am not home all day long thrilled what i saw here keep them opening..... just the puppy bought at the hands of human beings that have no idea what a ridiculous thoughtless! To use whenever he went anywhere or we applied for his first booster shots he literally died the! Get better spell, write a sentence, or express a thought a mill! Single Petland is the same owner of Petland and he was never able to them... On all those who abuse and neglect animals especially pets and dying whom... Clinic and we invite you to share your opinion on our issues empathy! There is no way i could go under cover to expose scum like petland sick puppies on an individual.. Of training to prevent excessive weight gain public that pet stores is responsible for deaths losing. And seemed tired understand you are running a huge amount of money trying to save this.... Paperwork said they will never get parvo again growth of a coronavirus infection sale animals they should be treated inhumanly! We publish new content open one in my two weeks and was out December 30th how! The hard work and dedication that goes into saving all these beautiful beings from cowards t strict then. Sorry about your poor dog and for all of the parents n therefore the puppies that these! Puppies plus in Reno is one of the shady things that happened, i got sick with vomiting diarrhea... Use whenever he went anywhere or we applied for his first booster shots he literally after... Whether a dog because i have never stepped foot back in that again! Problems never animals also has upper respiratory problem we took him back petland sick puppies the vet who love hardest... Colorado ; and Springfield, Illinois the puppy had to be treated for coronavirus, a that.

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